“Gage Academy had highly specific needs that only ProClass met”

Gage Academy of Art is an independent art school, somewhat unique in the marketplace, and so our needs for a contact, donor and transactional database were highly specific. With our previous system at the edge of functionality, it seemed difficult to find a solution that closely fit our business needs. We selected ProClass after an exhaustive survey of options and it’s proved to be an exceptionally intuitive, thoughtfully designed, and high functioning database for an organization of our size and complexity. Transferring 15 years of data, starting a new system, educating our enrolling students, and tieing into a brand new website is definitely a complicated endeavor, and the roll out was not without bumps or surprises, but overall Gage has been really pleased with ProClass from a support standpoint. The ProClass team handled the transfer of information in an efficient way, and moved us through installation and design phase fairly easily. But where the system really shines is in its capabilities as a reporting tool and ease of use for our students as they register. We’re still discovering how we can best use all the features of ProClass for our school, but the investment of time and money in this solution has been one of the best steps forward for Gage from a business standpoint.

Sheila H. | Executive Director