“I’m going into my third year using ProClass and I love it!”

I’ve owned a small art studio in North San Diego for almost ten years. In the past we had all our classes in house with simple paper registration. We would enter all the customer info and classes by hand into excel. As our families grew this task became more and more daunting. There were spread sheets galore! We were also now teaching classes off site at various locations. It was becoming a nightmare keeping track of everyone. I knew I needed an online registration system that would organize all this.

After looking through the options I found that ProClass answered all my needs. The website is super intuitive. Classes are simple to create and edit, and the site is so easy to navigate. I am by no means a computer person, but I am able to take advantage of all the helpful features ProClass offers. Registrations are now entered by my customers and payments are made directly online. All in all, I wholeheartedly would recommend ProClass to those who are running any kind of studio or after school program.

Kristin M. | Owner