Every ProClass system includes a full suite of features with no hidden fees or costs.

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Classes or Events
  • Unlimited Registrations
  • Unlimited User Defined Fields
  • Unlimited E-Mail and SMS
  • Unlimited Support Via Phone, E-Mail, or Chat


Accounts Receivable & Billing


Powerful account level billing and detailed accounts receivables tracking and reporting

Accounting, Billing, and Financial Tracking Features:

  • Account-level invoicing
  • Customer invoices and receipts available online in standard PDF format
  • Secure, easy to use, online payment capabilities for customers
  • Batch payment processing capability for recurring or one-time fees
  • Allow partial balance payments from customers online
  • Detailed invoice, transaction, and payment reporting options
  • Automated generation of recurring monthly charges for ongoing classes
  • Per class, event, or fee account code general ledger mapping
  • Unlimited fee categories
  • Unlimited payment method types
  • Track internal and customer comments per invoice
  • Individual payment memo tracking
  • Easily view all open charges or open credits at the account level


Attendance Tracking


Easily manage attendance and schedule makeups for missed classes or event sessions

Key Attendance Features:

  • Track present, excused, and unexcused attendance for any class or event
  • Schedule makeup sessions for attendees with excused absences
  • Print daily roster reports complete with daily makeups
  • Schedule prospective students for free introductory sessions in ongoing classes
  • Track conversion of free introductory students
  • Include daily introductory students on roster reports
  • The track starts & restarts in ongoing classes and note statuses on roster reports
  • Complete attendance and optionally lock status to prevent unauthorized changes
  • Easily view historical and future absences o& makeups for any student


Batch Payment Processing


ProClass provides automated batch payment processing features to allow for the collection of payments due from your clients quickly and efficiently on any schedule you choose.

 Automated Payment Processing Features:

  • Allow customers to save and manage preferred payment method online
  • Customers can choose to authorize recurring charges and manage preferences online
  • Secure encrypted payment method data collection and storage
  • Search accounts and transactions with balances due by a variety of criteria
  • Automatically generate invoices for monthly charges
  • Run batch charges daily, weekly, monthly, or on any schedule you choose
  • Detailed reporting on declined cards and batch processing results


Class Management Software


Class management is at the core of ProClass. Powerful, secure, and easy-to-use registration software for schools, continuing education providers, and nonprofits.

Class Management Features Include:

  • Ultimately Flexible scheduling
  • Minimum and maximum capacity management
  • Location and room assignment
  • Credit & certification tracking (CEU’s)
  • Online registration portal
  • Adult or child registration restrictions
  • Multiple instructor assignment options
  • Class and event duplication for fast and easy class creation
  • Easily print or email confirmation letters
  • Easy transfer, withdrawal, and drop options
  • Class and event waitlist management
  • Integrated membership management


Class Scheduling


Any class schedule is possible with ProClass software

Class and Event Scheduling Features:

  • Recurring dates and times
  • Scheduled registration open dates and times
  • Specific date scheduling for classes without a standard or recurring schedule
  • Make-up date scheduling for missed or canceled classes or events
  • Blackout or cancel dates for holidays, weather cancellations, or other interruptions
  • Assign locations and rooms to each class sessions or individual date


Certification Management


Providing robust certification management, level, and skills tracking features for continuing education, recreational education, and healthcare education

Certification Management Features:

  • Manage multiple issuing authorities
  • Assign multiple certification types to qualified classes or event types
  • Easily assign certificates to one or many students simultaneously
  • Track renewal dates
  • Email certificate holders renewal reminders and updates
  • Link certification to an external document or file
  • Control certification management with lock and unlock features


Customer Portal


Providing more interactive online options and better customer service

Customer Web Portal Features:

  • Secure TSL v1.2 technology gives customers confidence online
  • Customers can update account and contact information online
  • Download PDF formatted invoices, receipts, and confirmation letters
  • View current and historical registrations for their account
  • Make full and partial payments online
  • Purchase and renew memberships online
  • Retrieve lost or forgotten passwords easily
  • Search for classes and events and register online
  • Add or update emergency contacts
  • Add new students to their account
  • Manage credit card preferences
  • Add or update additional addresses for their account


Customer Relationship Management


Driving revenue through the building of better relationships

Customer Relationship Management Features:

  • Unlimited user-defined fields to track data specific to your organization
  • Notes and communication tracking and history
  • Reminders and tasks that may be assigned to other users
  • Unlimited categories and groups for committees, marketing, fundraising, etc.
  • Customize account and contact forms to view data the way you prefer
  • Store photos for every contact type
  • Multiple email addresses per contact
  • Multiple addresses per contact
  • Referral source tracking with unlimited referral source lists
  • Account-level preferred discount assignment
  • Multiple account relationship options


Donor & Fundraising Management


Fundraising and donor management features to make the most of your relationships

Key Donor Management Features:

  • Take online donations complete with payment plans
  • Organize contacts into campaign groups for marketing and solicitation
  • Track your donation amounts and fund accounts
  • Manage pledges with due dates, reminders, and invoicing
  • Track communications and marketing efforts to individual contacts or groups
  • Easily send your HTML campaign emails to individuals or groups
  • Solicit donations online during class or event registration process
  • Create your own user-defined fields
  • Schedule follow up activities for pledges, memberships, and future solicitations


eCommerce Processing

proclass- home-screens-img

Lower fees and faster settlement means increased revenues for your organization

ProClass eCommerce and Online Payment Features:

  • Flat rate credit card processing with no monthly fees or,
  • Use your own merchant services provider
  • PCI Compliance & TSL encryption provide customer confidence online
  • Supports all major credit card types
  • Customers can save credit cards securely for future charges
  • CCV code verification to prevent fraud
  • Address verification capabilities to prevent fraud
  • No additional transaction fees or charges saves you $$$
  • Funds deposited directly to your bank within 2-3 business days


Event Management

Easily create, schedule, and register attendees for any event, conference, or class with ProClass

Event Management and Registration Features:

  • Provide secure online registration
  • Detailed invoicing for accounts with multiple attendees
  • Secure online payment processing
  • Unlimited custom user-defined fields for accounts and contacts
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • No additional per registrant fees
  • Registration receipts go directly to your bank within 2-3 business days
  • Detailed and customizable online event listings
  • Search engine optimized event listings to gain higher event exposure
  • The easy online registration process with a complete customer account portal
  • Unlimited email marketing for every event




Increase registrations, attract more members, increase donations

Marketing Features of ProClass:

  • Collect unlimited custom information about your customers and donors
  • Create the most comprehensive online listings for events and classes
  • Automatic class and event listings in major search engines
  • Unlimited email marketing
  • Classify and group contacts and account for easy reporting
  • Build your own custom queries, save and share for future use
  • Export search results and reports to multiple formats  for in-depth analysis


Member Management


Build membership, increase renewals and provide discounts to members automatically

Membership Management Software Features:

  • Online member signup and renewal
  • Automated member discounts for events and classes
  • Unlimited membership levels
  • Restrict specific membership levels to certain types of accounts or contact types
  • Flexible renewal options
  • Bulk email marketing and SMS features to promote and market
  • Easy data access options for member reporting
  • Automated suggestive selling of memberships during registration


Online Class Registration


With registration software from ProClass, your customers can easily register for classes and events, make deposits, pay balances, update information, and more…

Online Registration Features:

  • Fully mobile responsive on all platforms and ADA compliant
  • Customized online registration, customer, and instructor portals
  • Uses your own merchant account to save you $$$
  • Sell optional items and accept donations during registration
  • Multiple discounts and coupon code options
  • Customer selected payment plan options
  • Automated payment and registration confirmations emails
  • Detailed online marketing photos, instructor bios, supply lists, & videos
  • Full event and class schedule display options with iCal downloads
  • Social media and translation services already integrated
  • Optional wait-listing and wish-lists for registrants




Analyze trends, report on current and historical activity, and develop strategies with a better understanding of your organization’s data

Reporting and Data Mining Features of ProClass Software:

  • Create custom queries, save them, and share them with other users
  • Export any custom data request directly to MS Excel
  • Powerful search options with multiple selection criteria  on every field in the database
  • Library reports for daily rosters, student lists, account statements, and more
  • Reports are fully exportable to XML, CSV, pdf, Excel, Word, Tiff, or web formats
  • Create queries and easily email all individuals in that data set
  • Unlimited user-defined fields for contacts and accounts
  • All user defined fields are fully searchable and exportable
  • Report level security to control access to specific reports