“ProClass has tripled my productivity!”

I am very happy with my decision to use ProClass. I recommend it to anyone that has multiple classes, whether large or small. If I could suggest anything for improvements I would ask for a more simplified, step by step How-To section to address common things like refunds, class lists etc. I tend to see things visually and perhaps using visual markers or icons instead of words would make the self-help section more user friendly for non-techies like me!

As a sole proprietor, I do it all, from lesson plans and teaching to marketing and running the not-so-fun parts of the business. I was spending 6 hours of my day just doing data entry and administration while having to keep my office open long hours just to allow parents to come in and register. I thought ProClass was for much larger businesses than my small art program. As my business grew however, I was overwhelmed by the paperwork and I knew I had to hire someone. Instead, I decided to try ProClass for a year. ProClass allows my clients to register for classes day or night, at their convenience allowing me to reduce the time my office has to be open to the public giving me more time with my family. It allows clients to input their own information, reducing errors and my data entry time. In fact, it saved me from having to hire someone just for the data entry! It has organized my record-keeping, making tax time so much easier. I can now concentrate on my students and my teaching. It allows parents to have clear recordkeeping which they can access themselves. It tracks my communications with parents for easy reference. Well that first year came and went and I am still with ProClass! I am not a techie person and there was a learning curve which I found a challenge as I juggled everything on my plate however, ProClass provided very patient and thorough training, that suited my schedule. The more I use it, the more it feels natural. I am still discovering features and as I can I add them to my knowledge base. I truly appreciate their kind and encouraging customer service team that help me with any questions I have. I look back and wonder how in the world I managed my classes before ProClass!

Daniela | Owner