Subscription Information

PricingProClass software provides pricing models for organizations of all types and sizes. With ProClass, registration and membership management software is within the reach of every organization.

ProClass pricing is based upon the number of active contacts being managed within the software. What is an ‘active” contact? An active contact is anyone who may be a member, registering for a class, is registered for a class currently, or whom you are marketing to and expect may login to the customer portal to register themselves or others.

You may manage an unlimited number of inactive contacts within the database and there is no charge for these “inactive” contacts. For these types of contacts you may still manage their full contact information, notes, tasks, and other activities and all history for these contacts is maintained on a permanent basis so you never lose access to any of your data regardless of the contacts status from a pricing perspective.

Turnkey solution, one version, all features, no extra costs

We do not believe in modules, extra fees, and per transaction costs. Every client of ProClass receives every feature we release. You may have unlimited users, unlimited registrations, email as often and to as many contacts as you wish, and offer an unlimited number of classes, events, and memberships to your customers. You will receive all upgrades as part of your subscription and there is never an “upgrade” fee.

Support and Training

Any system is only as good as the support and training provided and available on an ongoing basis. This is why every ProClass user is provided unlimited support and training resources. We offer live chat support and email support directly from your ProClass software and our toll free support line is also available to all our customers regardless of size.

Pricing Levels

ProClass is offered on an annual subscription basis with pricing determined by the number of contacts active at the beginning of your term and the number of business locations or units within your database. Initial pricing is set based upon your declared data import size at time of subscription. If you go over the pricing level during your annual term, not to worry, we do not adjust pricing until your next date and we provide you notice in advance to allow you to manage your active contact levels as necessary to keep costs as low as possible for your organization.